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Well behaved women rarely make history

Pick your poison

Women of Liquid Web
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This community is for the sad and neglected women of Liquid Web employees...okay maybe not sad or neglected just annoyed and tired of hearing about bothersome newbies or restarting servers or other such work related shite that we'd rather not hear about.
This community is also open to the three employees of the preffered gender in case they would like a break from thier job once in awhile and would like to have conversations about other things like books, movies, music or any of the other interesting things human beings like to enjoy on occasion.
In all seriousness this group is for fun. it is not for male bashing or any other kind of bashing. We can connect here to playfully poke fun at our geeky men or even rant a bit if need be but let's be honest here, we are the ones dating or married to said geeky boys. we love dorks and we aren't ashamed of it, some of us even know our way around a computer ourselves we just have other things to discuss and do that don't involve servers, RAM, or upgrades. we are justing having our own fun.
All members are welcome to post ideas for girly outings, things to do with the kids, things to do without the kids, recipes, share creative things we have done like photos, writings, and even, dare i allow it, world of warcraft. (i'll regret that later i'm sure)